What device will SET TV  work on?  Get excited now you can watch Set TV on any device anywhere!

Every paid account will be able to  download our app on 3 different devices – tablets, phones & set top boxes. Clients will also be provided a login to www.setbroadcast.com .

JUST RELEASED SET TV website portal where clients can login and access SET TV from any device, browser, anywhere. 

Simply go to:  www.setbroadcast.com

And enter your user name and password.

I Phone and I Pad users should use Photon Browser:

Compatible devices for the Set TV app

Android APP

Android  5.1 or higher phones, tablets & set top boxes. Amazon FireBox & Fire Stick, Invidia shield and more.  


Windows APP: Windows phone, tablet & pc

In addition SET TV NOW offers a top of the range set top box that outperforms any STB on the market and comes pre loaded with SET TV NOW platform – Simply plug and play.  Our box only operates Set TV services so the box and remote operate just like you are use to with a cable service.  Just turn it on hit the guide and select your content


What are the specs on SET TV NOW set top box?  click here

Can it be installed on Mag 254?   Yes watch this video   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E_pa8l_h2WI      Portal for mag 254: https://mwstv.setplex.net/wbs

After you install SET TV NOW app  send an email to sales@setvnow.com the mac and serial of the device and we will add the Mag 254 to your account.


What is the cost?  After the free trial its $20 per month for over 500+ channels plus all the sports packages.   Three codes are available with the paid service that can be used on three devices at same location.

What countries does it work in?  Yes it works worldwide.  Anywhere you have an internet connection.

Is there additional channels available?  Yes we currently have over 500 channels and will be expanding to over 1,000 in the next 30-60 days.  If there is a channel you are looking for in the meantime, fill out the support form below and we will try and make it available

How many devices can the free trial be installed on?  1 device, the free trial can not be installed on phones or tablets.

How do I  install SET TV NOW  on Amazon Firestick?   Instructions online athttp://www.aftvnews.com/sideload/

Amazon fire sleep issue? 

Does it work on Roku?  Yes through the web browser version.  You can access Set TV through setbroadcast.com on any device anywhere

What are the specs on the SETV Now HD Wireless Reciever STB?  Click here for specs

For more information visit our FB support forum & community: